One of my favorite cakes i've made! I love piping designs, and learned how to pipe by watching Cake Boss.

This is a cake I made for my grandma's (the grandma that brought out my love of baking!) 80th birthday party. It was the first three tiered cake I have ever made, and easily the biggest as well!

These are my Oreo balls, you'll love them if you love Oreos!

Pictures after my surprise visit with Buddy!
After meeting Buddy the second time! People kept asking me about the chef coat and it was so awesome taking this picture! 

Lindsey's Story

Hi! My name is Lindsey Bone. I am 21 years old, and live in Round Rock, TX. I have always been a creative, artistic person, and I have been taking art classes/doing art ever since I can remember. Currently, I decorate cakes as well as teach kickboxing. In my free time, I enjoy playing music, as well as spending time with my puppy, friends, and family! In the future, I plan on continuing down the path to helping others reach their fitness goals, as well as continue to bake treats on the side.

During the day, you can catch me leading multiple group fitness kickboxing classes! I have been working in fitness for over three years now and I love it! The studio atmosphere is something special, and I have built some amazing relationships over the last few years with my amazing coworkers. 

I am a hardcore night owl, and I work best at night. Most of the time, the cakes I decorate get the last finishing touches in the wee hours of the morning. I can't sleep knowing a cake is due the next day and hasn't been finished! I'll sacrifice my sleep! LOL 


Throughout high school, I was involved in several activities such as band, PALS, NHS, and Tri-M. I was not only been involved in these activities, but held several leadership positions among them as well. These organizations and leadership opportunities helped mold me into the person I am today. I heavily credit my mentors of the 2013-2017 RRHS Band for providing me with a number of lifelong lessons... anything from work ethic to treating people well, these are ones that I will remember forever!


I love helping to lead others while bringing happiness to other people. All of which is  why I love teaching, music, and cake decorating!  

I hope this section has given you the opportunity to get to know me a little better,  and I hope you enjoy my bakery!

Where the Love of Baking Began


Starting at a young age, I loved helping my grandma decorate cakes she made for family birthday parties, and always wanted to help put decorations on the cakes. As I got older, I began to start helping her bake the cakes, and that is where my love of baking began. At home, I loved whipping up batches of cupcakes and brownies from box mixes! I also loved helping my mom make cookies for various reasons. I loved eating them too!

Around the age of 12, I was over at my cousins' house, and they showed me this show that they thought I would love called "Cake Boss" on TLC. After watching one episode, I was instantly shocked by the art of cake decorating. It was like my love of art and baking had been combined! The things that Buddy could do with cakes amazed me, and I could see myself doing the same techniques someday. I immediately was inspired by him and knew I wanted to become a cake decorator some day.


After watching literally hundreds of episodes (sometimes multiple times), I wanted to give cake decorating a shot. My 13th birthday was coming up, and I wanted to try making a two-tiered cake with fondant, piping, and all from scratch! I used the chocolate cake recipe from my grandma along with a vanilla cake recipe I found, and spent all day baking and decorating the cake for my 13th birthday. When I decided to give drop lines a try, it was like they came natural to me. Once I started piping, I wanted to keep adding more!  By the time my party came around, and after my mom posted pictures of my cake on Facebook, everyone was shocked that it was the first cake I had ever decorated.

After decorating that cake, I began making cakes for every occasion I could have an excuse to make a cake for. Birthdays, Easter, Fourth of July, you name it! I loved doing cakes and learning new techniques from watching Cake Boss, and when I told people I learned from watching the show, they were amazed. 

After a few years when I was a sophomore in High School, I wanted to try making cupcakes instead of just cakes. Of course I had made cupcakes before, but now that I was older I wanted to make them from scratch as well as fancy and pretty. Before I knew it, I was making cupcakes for bake sales in my neighborhood, and bringing them all around for people to try. I found that I loved making Cupcakes even more than cakes, and I think the reason was because they were more portable and I could bring them to band parties and share them with more people.

During Spring break of 2016, I met my idol...Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss! It was such an amazing experience, and it really inspired me to start getting serious about my baking career. If you want to read the whole story on how I met Buddy, It is below my story! ​

After meeting Buddy, I really got serious about starting my business, and did several bake sales, posted a lot on Facebook, and then started to get orders for people wanting my cupcakes! I have done quite a few cupcake orders now, and cake orders as well! All of the things I make are from scratch, and I also use some recipes that have been favorites in my family. 

Meeting Buddy Valastro!

Early 2016, Carlo's Bakery announced that they would be opening a new location in Dallas, TX. Only three hours from where I live! The best part was, Buddy would be there at the grand opening. I had to go! I begged my mom to take me, because Cake Boss had been such a big part of my love for baking, and I had always dreamed of going there. She finally said that we could, and we even invited my younger cousin, Julia to come with us.


After driving up to Dallas, we stopped by the bakery to look inside. To our surprise, Buddy and his employees were already in the bakery getting things ready! It was so cool to see them in there and my cousin and I were so excited! After about 30 minutes of standing outside looking through the glass, we decided to head to our hotel and get ready for the next day, when we would stand in line for who knows how long! We started to walk away, but then all of a sudden we heard Buddy's personal assistant come out of the doors and say, "I want to find Buddy's biggest fan!!" I immediately turned around and said to my mom and cousin, "I'm his biggest fan!!"


His assistant explained that she would ask trivia, and whoever could answer the most trivia about Buddy would win a signed chef coat. She started asking questions, and I knew the answers to all of them. After guessing and getting most of the answers right, she finally turned around and said, "Alright I think you win, you're his biggest fan!!" I was sooooo happy, and she led my cousin and me inside the bakery to meet him and get pictures with him. We were SHOCKED and in AWE of what was happening. Speechless was an understatement. I had been watching this man on TV for so long, and here he was standing in front of me.


After talking with him for a little and getting pictures, we left the bakery literally shaking. We just could not contain our excitement. After meeting him, we decided that we didn't need to camp outside the bakery like we had considered, but wake up at 4 and head down to sit in the line instead.


Long story short, after waiting in line for 11 hours with no food or drinks, we met Buddy AGAIN (and I was wearing the signed chef coat, so he remembered me) and got more pictures with him, along with some delicious baked goods!! It was a day I’ll never ever forget, and I truly believe this is what made me want to get serious about my business.

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